5 Common Summer Animal Ailments

Summertime means more outdoor time for all of us, including dogs (and sometimes cats). 

Be sure to plan ahead and protect your pets from some of the most common summertime ailments that lead to unexpected visits with vets. Based on Nationwide pet insurance’s 2016 claims data, these are the five most common summertime ailments for pets:

5 common summer ailments for dogs and cats including insect bites, heat stroke, burns, near drowning, and snake bites.

The good news? Ranch Remedy can help with some of these ailments. For any topical first aid, including bites, stings, burns, and rashes we highly recommend our Ranch Remedy topical first aid spray. 

Use it on the area twice a day for 7-10 days to see improvement in the ailment and your pet's overall happiness. 

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