A Note from Buddy the Dog

Hi friends,

Well things are looking a little different at my house today. I used to have the run of the place but the other day Mama brought home a new friend. His name is Ace. He is a 2 year old chocolate lab. He is big, clumsy, always eating my food, drinking my water and I love him!

Being that I weigh about a fifth of Ace and am much older and wiser, I have had to show my mean side occasionally. It is all a facade but it is necessary with Ace because of his young age and endless energy. I call this new attitude my “Big Dawg Growl and Bark show”. 

We play until I get tired and he keeps playing. Then I give him my Big Dawg Growl and Bark show where I let him see my teeth and bark and he backs off. He is still a puppy and can really put me on edge after a while with all his energy but I do love him. 

One thing that irritates me is that when we are playing he puts his fat paw on my head like he is telling me to settle down. This irritates me and then I give him my Big Dawg Growl and Bark show. This typically does it but just like any kid, he usually tests me again and again but I do love him.

I am jealous of him with his lovable smile, silky dark brown coat and large body. When he gets a toy I like to take it away from him and run around with it. Sometimes we both want a toy and we play tug o war. It is fun but again he puts that big chocolate paw on my head and ticks me off and I give him the Big Dawg Growl and Bark show, but I love him.

I never fetched anything because I just don’t prefer to fetch. I let my Mama think I am just so confused when she or the little goobers throw something for me to fetch I just look at it and back at them and back and forth. You can learn a lot from watching Garfield. Most cat’s are pretty smart. However, now that Ace is here I simply cannot let him show me up. He fetches everything so I have had to step up my game. I now fetch also. I have added it to my resume because if I ever wanted a new owner then I would have that added skill listed.

Well that is my life update. From now on in the newsletter and post we send out re Ranch Remedy you will, unfortunately, see my beautiful face along with guess who??? Ace. Show him some love like you did me and remember, nothing makes a dog or pet happy like Ranch Remedy. Come see us at www.yourranchremedy.com

Bark regards, tail wag, tail wag

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