The Best Horse Wound Treatment

We made Ranch Remedy to be an all around solution for your horse using a natural, plant-based cleansing compound that is quick, safe, and no mess relief for many topical issues.

For over 40 years, we've been utilizing this antibacterial and anti-fungal solution on ourselves and our animals (we tested it on ourselves before we ever put it on our pets!). When we set out to partner with InfoHorse we gave our product out to several of our close friends to test on their horses and they found Ranch Remedy to help with: 

    • Mange
    • Abrasions
    • Cracked Heals & Hooves
    • Shoeing Sores
    • Scratches (Pastern Folliculitis)
    • Insect Bites / Stings
    • Warts
    • Ringworm
    • Rain Rot (rain scald)

And it didn't stop there - it even tackled a bunch of horse hoof issues. Since many hoof products contain ingredients like iodine that will cauterize and burn the infected area, it only half treats the issue - allowing surface problems to heal but sealing in the deeper infection. Ranch Remedy does not cauterize tissue, and promotes the progression of both surface healing and healing deep within the wound. There is nothing more frustrating or more dangerous for a farrier than dealing with a horse that is in pain, not from its hoof condition, but from the product being used to treat it. Because Ranch Remedy does not harm healthy tissue, causes no pain, and works so effectively, it has become a favorite with farriers!

Ann Pruitt, from said:

"I have now used Ranch Remedy to completely cure my Morgan's bout of whiteline AND keep her hooves healthy and protected during the rainy "mud" season that always caused me so much trouble. It also worked wonders with my little dog's chronic ear infection! This is now my "go to" product to help prevent bacteria or fungus. I highly recommend this amazing product!"

Once you use our natural formula (spray or lotion!) you'll see why clients come back to us year after year. Nothing brings us more joy than to hear as people tell us how Ranch Remedy restored their horses, dogs and cats back to health and happiness. (And most of our clients enjoy Ranch Remedy for themselves too! Double win!)

Easy to use, extremely effective, affordable and safe enough for every day, Ranch Remedy Topical First Aid is a no brainer! 

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