The Ranch Remedy Give Back Program

Today's guest author on the blog is Buddy the Wonder Dawg! He's here to announce something pretty huge - the Ranch Remedy Give Back Program! Starting November 1, 2022, $1 of every product sold will be donated to support animal rescues, pet adoption centers, or animal shelters. Thank you for supporting us, and in turn the animals we all love! 
Hi, my name is Buddy! I am proud to say my owner and the family in general, take very good care of me. They are also very concerned and considerate about my other pet friends. They donate $1.00 of every bottle sold to a pet adoption center / pet shelter. Me and my friends really appreciate their devotion to the pets of North America. They do spread their donations around. 
Because I am such a handsome dog, many people ask what kind of dog Buddy is. Some people see me as small but I am as fierce as they come. If you get between me and my family. After all, they adopted me from the Great Dane Adoption Center of San Antonio. So that should tell you that I am big, fierce and large and in charge! I am not to be toyed with unless you have some Ranch Remedy peanut butter or some of the Ranch Remedy treats I so love! Sometimes when I have itchy skin or a skin wart they spray me a little with the Ranch Remedy Topical First Aid but I know its okay because it soothes my ills.
Yes, sometimes they do dress me up for certain dates like Halloween and Christmas, of course with my permission. The reason I spell “Dog” like “Dawg” is because I am larger than the average bear, I mean Dawg!
It has been great visiting but my paws are pretty tired now. It’s not easy hitting these little keys with my large paws ;)
Thank you for your business. It benefits me and all of my friends. 
Sincerely, Buddy


PS: If you have any questions just send an email to the boss! 



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